Communication: Positive And Negative Effects (Based On The Movie "Meet The Parents")

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When communicating with another person, there are two different ways to do so. These two different forms are called: verbal, and non-verbal communication. Both forms of communicating were demonstrated in the movie: “Meet the Parents”, having positive and negative effects. Verbal communication is when to or more people communicate through the use of words. An example of verbal communication from the movie is when Jack and his daughter, Pam, do their personal handshake, when they meet in front of his house. This is a form of verbal communication because they are physically and verbally communicating. This action of communication had a positive outcome, because it was an action of a friends greeting between a father and his daughter. Another example of verbal communication in this movie was when Jack requests from Greg that he take a polygraph lie detector test, once Greg discovers it in his den. Jack requests that he take it, but Greg doesn't want to. Jack then points out that if Greg had nothing to hide, then there should be no problem of him taking the test in the first place. Greg doesn't want to take the test because he DOES have something to hide, but at the same time, he is trying to impress Jack, so takes it anyway to make him look better. This situation had a negative outcome because Jack then discovers what Greg is trying to hide, that he is actually living with Jack's daughter. This is verbal communication because two people are arguing, or trying to convince one another, of one way or another, using words. Both examples are verbal communication, but they both had entirely different outcomes altogether, whether they were negative or positive. Non-verbal communication is when people do things in order to not only communicate something with the person they are with, but also communicate something to a bystander. This could be done by hinting a subject

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