How Does Steinbeck Present George And Lennie's Relationship

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The relationship between George and Lennie is very strong. Lennie is a big, and jolly. The things Lennie says and does George gets stressed out about but he knows that Lennie doesn’t mean to act the way he does. Lennie is always by George’s side, and George is always on Lennie’s side. Of Mice and Men is really about Lennie and George’s journey and relationship with each other, and how they really need each other in their lives. Lennie is very dependent on George. George is one of his only friends and a very important person in his life. George guides Lennie through his life like a father would to his son. The first thought when Lennie is doing something wrong or bad is George because he knows that George wouldn’t want him to being in it. “Curley’s wife came around the end of the last stall. She came very quietly, so that Lennie didn’t see her…She was quite near him before Lennie looked up and saw her…In a panic he shoveled hay over the puppy with his fingers. He looked sullenly up at her. She said, ‘What you got there, sonny boy?’ Lennie glared at her.” P.94. In this quote it shows how Lennie really does obey George, and how he never wants George to be upset with…show more content…
Lennie is he’s responsibility. And since Lennie is he’s responsibility, it’s been getting him in trouble. Like running away from town and getting in to trouble in the ranch. Life is rough with Lennie. He always says how it’d be so much easier without Lennie in his life but he obviously knows he would do anything to protect him. Lennie and George left the town of Weed because of how Lennie loved the feeling of soft things, and when he saw the woman’s soft red dress he just wanted to touch it, and he did. The woman didn’t know what to do, she just had a big man rubbing her so she called rape and George and Lennie had to run out of that town, they ran because George didn’t want Lennie to have horrible consequences from the town and get
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