The Good People Short Story

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Simonella breathed heavily. Trying to control her nerves, she leaned onto the building wall and took out the water bottle from her brown tote bag. She opened up the bottle but there was little water left. I needed this right now.She thought. But there was no time to stop for water. She was in a hurry. She had broken into her ex-boyfriend Max’s apartment and he had been home the whole time. She hadn’t realized it given how stupid she was. The poor thing had to jump out the window and fall on the city dump. She thought she had done enough stalking. But apparantly standing outside your boyfriend’s apartment for a suspicious amount of time wasn’t considered good stalking anymore. She wondered why she sucked at everything. She had gone there to pick up her summer shorts that she had left there two months ago and to see how miserable he was without her. Of course he was miserable without her, she has been the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Max never had a family. He was raised in an orphanage near the Brooklyn bridge and ate at soup kitchens more often than not. Simonella kind of felt bad for him for…show more content…
But I liked reading David Foster Wallace’s The Good People. So I thought, why not give it a go? After all I am trying to imitate him. In The Good People, David Foster Wallace uses a lot of flashback, details, and characterizations. I tried that with my story. The main character of this story Simonella breaks into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and jumps out the window when she sees him inside. She runs to the corner of the apartment building and looks for water. This is when I include a flashback to make the readers understand what is really happening. I saw Wallace doing that a lot in his stories, especially when he was telling how the charcters of The Good People had met and what had happened between them. I think flashback is a tool that can be easily used. Not only does it save words but it also clarifies things for the the
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