Heroine Monologue

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I don't even know what to say it's just like everything I do is just wrong in this family and honestly no one even cares about me they only care about me when it's convenient for them and I just can't deal with it anymore I'm tired of not being wanted unless there's something in it for everybody else. Mike yells at me for no reason and everyone excludes me from the conversation and most of the time I just want to leave. Mom and mike only ask annie and Mia what's going on with them and how they're so happy for them and so proud and then they just let me sit there and yet don't ask me anything or say any of that to me. Then mike gives me attitude or yells at me when I don't do anything but his kids could murder someone in front of his face and he would say congrats like are you fucking kidding me ?!…show more content…
Leaving home at 16 doesn't even seem all that bad to me when I think about being away from this family. Everyone's down stairs having a great time laughing and I'm sitting in the bathroom crying about how much my life sucks and no one cares. My ducking father is a heroine addict that would choose coke or heroine over me any day and my mother is fucking addicted to her pain killers and sits home all day letting her child not eat for days. She won't give me money or take care of me. All she has to do is get a faking job and she won't even do that. How the fuck does she expect me to go to college with not a ducking cent saved ? I shouldn't have to sit here and think about which fucking parent is going to overdose first. She won't even get me a place to live. We've been fucking freeloading off her boyfriends parents for 4 years now. I can't diligently stand it here. Annie's a fucking whore who can barely get by in school and she's still the fucking golden child and so is Mia. Everyone just looks at me like I'm dirt at the bottom of the barrel. And none of them even care what happens to me. Mikes entire family fucking hates
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