Percy Jackson Diary Entry

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Dear Diary, I had the craziest day at school today. We went on a trip to some ancient Greek ruins. Even though Mr. Brunner was leading the trip it didn’t make anything better. On the way to the ruins (on the coach) Nancy Bobofit kept winding me up by throwing her rotten food at my best friend Grover. She knew I couldn’t do anything as I’m on probation, and apparently I’m on my last chance. Anyway, she kept throwing food at Grover. I sat up straight and counted to 10. I wanted to strangle her right then and there, but Grover reminded me that it was my last warning. I wanted to do something but by the time I thought of how to get revenge Mr. Brunner opened the coach door and everyone rushed outside. The ruins seemed to bore the heck out of all the other students but since a very young age I had been interested in Greek mythology so I enjoyed myself. The whole class huddled around one particular carving, a carving that showed Kronus eating his children, including Zeus. Mr. Brunner asked me what it was and I answered correctly. Nancy Bobofit, being herself as usual, sniggered to her gossiping friends, ’’How’s this gonna help us in the real world’’. Mr. Brunner managed to hear what she said and asked me to answer her question. My mind went blank. I tried to think of something, but I actually didn’t know… Mr. Brunner stared at me in disbelief; I could tell he was disappointed. Lunch was a bit wacky as usual. Bobofit came up to me and Grover, who were sitting on the fountain, near the gift shop of the ruin. She dumped all of her rotten waste on Grover’s lap which, she couldn’t throw at Grover at on the coach. I blacked out… When I woke up I was being escorted by Miss Dodds into the ruin museum. ’’What you did, Percy, was not okay, you know it was your last chance’’, she said. I heard some student gasping and saying, ‘’did you see the way the water hit her’’. I had
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