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Messiah Quinones 2/29/12 Prof. Oujo Leadership Courtesy is the showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others. It Comes from an old French country (12th century). In the middle Ages in Europe, the behavior expected of the upper class in Europe, compiled in the courtesy books. One of the most influential of these was Il Cortegiano (The Courtier) which not only covered basic etiquette and good behavior but also provided models of sophisticated conversation and intellectual skill. In medieval India too, nobility and royalty expected to display courteous behavior. The concept described by the Sanskrit word, daksinya, which meant kindness and consideration expressed in a sophisticated and elegant way. When someone is speaking…show more content…
You the CEO of the company it is mandatory for you to pay attention because it is part of your job. Then you up their talking to your co-workers laughing, and giggling about what you did the other day. The boss is asking you questions and saying ok yes ser as if you know what he is saying. The next day comes, and your boss asks you. Where are the papers at that I told you to do about our financial issues? You looking dumb saying to yourself, I should have paid attention at the meeting yesterday. Now I am at risk of losing my job all because I did not pay attention in the meeting. The funny part is your boss fires you because you did not pay attention in the meeting. That day when the women came to speak, and class was over, I put myself in her shoes see what she went thru; it is hard to try to talk over like 30 kids in one room. I felted so bad I wanted to apologize to the woman but I was too late. I was paying attention; I wanted to tell her that I am sorry for how my classmates acted with no self-control. That we mad the LPP program have a bad name. I bet now she does not want to come back because of our behavior, and the way we acted like
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