African American Empire

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Tools of Empire The French and British empires used many tools to gain land and maintain them during the height of their empires. The French language was a language of culture and trade. This language seemed to link all of the French colonized and the colonizers together. When the French were expanding their Empire, one of the places they expanded into was Western Africa. The African’s had no choice but to learn this new foreign language if they expected to trade and communicate at all with the French. Looking into a more literal sense, The Africans saw the French language as a connection into the European world, and the French saw this as a tool and used it to further expand their empire. Another tool of…show more content…
There are many tools that were used to form each Empire in history but looking at the following, each will give a sense of how the French and British Empires stood, and how they maintained their empires at their height. The French used their language as a means of communication with the colonized people for trading purposes. As the president of Senegal at the time; Senghor expresses how he feels about the French language in Africa. “French is a highly poetic language. Not through its clarity, but through its richness. Indeed, until the nineteenth century, it was a language of moralists, lawyers and diplomats: ‘A language of good manners and courtesy’. Senghor, a man who was born in Senegal, “attended the local Catholic Mission School. At seventeen he went to the Catholic Seminary at Dakar and later attended Sorbonne University in Paris” He was a man that was introduced to the language not through trade but through education. He at an early age saw the European economy and language, and felt the need to encourage this in his home town in Senegal. But then why learn this foreign language if you already know your…show more content…
Senghor has learned the French language from a young age and he feels that “In French; I express myself better in French than in my mother tongue.” In Conclusion of why the French Language was used as a great tool, in the Colonized perspective is, they can now feel free knowing another language. Senghor concludes that, “As black politicians and writers, feel at least as free in the inner workings of French as in our mother tongue. Freer in fact, since Freedom should be measured against the power of the tool or the creating force.” What did the Colonizers gain out of this? The French gain the respect from the colonized people. They can also communicate with them in a civilized way, and trade all the goods they need and want because they can now communicate with the Africans. Senghor’s concluding argument is that, “It is not a question of disowning African languages. Over the centuries, for thousands of years they will be spoken. It is a

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