Personal Narrative: My Recess In High School

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At the young age of seven, it seems as though no one could get in trouble in the first grade. The year had started off on the right track for me and I loved my new teacher. Her name was Mrs. Williams. This was my second year to be in the first grade so i knew what was expected of a first grader. I had repeated the first grade because my mom did not want me to be the youngest in the grade by a year or more. At that age, bad conduct was dealt with by taking away recess. I surely did not ever want my recess taken away from me. Recess was my favorite because it was my time to release the energy which i had accumulated from he candy bars I ate at snack time. I had never gotten my recess taken away until four months into my second year of first grade. I had misbehaved in class. I spoke too soon and out of turn which normally just got a correction of “raise your hand,” but instead I got a “see me in here before you can go to recess.” I knew my recess was taken from that point on and wondered why my teacher…show more content…
Williams keys in the trash can and make her miss her doctors appointment?” She asked over and over getting the same response out of me. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, why would I throw Mrs, Williams’ keys away? I love Mrs. Williams!” I stated over and over as my eyes began to water and eventually I lost control of my emotions. I must have been in her office for a good hour denying everything she asked me, because I knew deep down in my heart it was not me. I then proclaimed to her in tears, “All I did was hide her chalk in the flower pot!” At that point I was just ready to go back to the class because this lady was intimidating and persistent with her masculine figure yelling and screaming in my face. “You will not leave here until you have told me the truth. We have a witness that said you did it!” she argued. I sat in her office in silent tears as she explained to me the terrible deed that someone else had not

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