Personal Narrative: Twin Valley High School

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Now I'm usually not one to complain. And I feel it would be very ignorant to complain about my education. So I'm not going to say I'm complaining but rather giving constructive criticism to my high school. Maybe if they read this they could help improve the experience for kids to come. I attended Twin Valley High school for all four years of my high school. I came to the school in 9th grade. Twin Valley high school has about 500 students and 60 class rooms. The students were in general friendly, but as every school, we had some of the bad cookies in the batch. Luckily I did not get sucked into that bad group of kids. I attended middle school at North Brandywine in Coatesville. I moved to Twin Valley School District in 9th grade. First impressions mean a lot to me and Twin Valley really left an impression. On the second day of my high school career, we had a bomb threat. Yes a bomb threat. With news crews and everything. We were on lock down for 3 hours and could not do anything. My mom was at home watching television and saw it come on, immediately panicking she called me. After we were locked down for 3 hours they aloud parents to pick us up. This was a very scary experience for me and left a bad taste in my mouth.…show more content…
They offered plenty of visual arts and fine arts classes which was perfect for me, since that is what I would like to do with my life. Another plus was that Twin Valley counted my 8th grade year of math, which left me with no math class for my senior year! So I would get to leave early every day and go to work early. It worked out very well and I was pleased. Overall, my experience at Twin Valley High school was alright. I have only went to that one high school so in my case I have nothing else to compare it to. Besides college of course, but thats not even a competition. I am just glad I am out of High school and never have to go

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