A) Briefly Describe What Has Happened in the Play Before This Argument Between Jason and Medea

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. At the start of the play, Medea’s nurse has briefly introduced the plot, telling how Medea gave up everything for Jason and helped him achieve what he wanted, only for him to then go and leave her to marry a princess. She talks about how badly Medea has reacted to what he has done, and the bad state she is in. The tutor then enters with Medea and Jason’s two sons. The nurse informs him how distraught Medea is and warns the tutor to keep the boys away from her, as Medea seems to hate them and the nurse isn’t sure what Medea will do to them when she is in this state. As this is going on, Medea is heard from off stage, screaming and crying, not at all coping with the current situation she is in. There is then a chorale ode where they talk about what Jason has done to Medea and how they are siding with her in all the drama. Medea then gives a speech where she asks Artemis and Themis to help her get revenge on Jason for what he has done to her. She then exits the palace and comes on stage. Rather than being a mess, like what is expected of her at the moment, she appears calm and collected, not like the person who was just crying and screaming inside the palace not so long ago. She talks about Jason’s wrongdoings to her. Creon the king of Corinth then goes to see Medea, informing her that he is exiling her out of his city, as he feels threatened by her as she keeps making death threats, to him, his daughter and Jason. He wants to protect his daughter as much as he can and feels that Medea is a big threat to her safety. Medea is able to manipulate him to let her stay one more day within the city so she can carry out her act of revenge. She does this by using his love for his daughter against him, and claiming that she just wants the best for her sons. He takes pity on her and allows her to stay in the city, thinking that she won’t have enough time to carry out the

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