An Evening in Guanima

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Below is a free essay on "An Evening In Guanima" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Just Reward is about two sisters who came from a poor single parent home and was sent out by their mother to find a better way of living. The eldest daughter Camille who is obedient, respectful and caring left tearfully. But her sister Paula who is mean, disobedient, and disrespectful and is claimed to have the mannerism of a cockroach. As they were on their way to find a better way of living they came across an old woman who was homeless and had lice in her hair. She then asked the first sister Camille to give her some bread, give her some water and comb her hair, then to go into her ruined home and take the rocks that were saying don’t take me. The old said to her that her reward will be like her nature. The next day the younger sister came across the old woman who then asked Paula to do the same but Paula refused to give her some bread, water and to comb her. When sent into the house she scorned the house and took the stones that were saying take me again disobeying the woman’s orders. As Paula left the old woman told her that her reward would be like her nature. In the ending Camille ended up with a wheelbarrow filled with gold, a bundle of fine clothing and a house with orange, grape and lime trees. Paula ended up with a sore body from being beaten by fierce-looking winged creatures, stings from swarms of bees and large winged creatures and her encounter with an endless oily emerald-green pool. In the ending Paula ended up at home with her mother and Camille had a house,money and clothes, which she then invited her Mother and Paula to dwell with

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