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Morgan Helums Bain 1 Honors English 11 1 December 2011 Joe Christmas “Abuse of any kind in the earliest years of life is particularly traumatic and can manifest as unhealthy behavior later in life” (Williams). A prime factor in the type of person a child will grow up to be is the environment he or she is raised in. For example, Joe Christmas grew up to be a very abusive man and killed multiple people. Despite the many attempts people made to help Christmas, the memories of his childhood could never be erased. Joe Christmas experienced neglect and abuse as a child and struggled to have a relationship with others, which in turn motivated him to become the isolated and violent man that he was. Joe was never able to escape his childhood…show more content…
Speaking of the night she left the orphanage, “He knew then that she had gone for good, had passed beyond the iron gates in the steel fence” (Faulkner 136). This was the first motive for his strange hatred of women. At just the age of five it referenced again his feelings toward women, “It had a ruthless sound, as the voices of all men did to him yet, since he was too young yet to escape from the world of women for that brief respite before he escaped back into it to remain until the hour of his death” (121). Even then, he felt ‘trapped in the world of women’ as if he could not escape the ‘control’ of them. When he was eight, he had an experience that, even twenty years later, he could not forget. This was when he first experienced abuse from his adopted father McEachern, for not polishing…show more content…
First, he felt abandoned by Alice, the girl at the orphanage. A couple years later, he felt threatened by the dietician. After the toothpaste incident, “It never occurred to her that he believed that he was the one who had been taken in sin and was being tortured with punishment deferred and that he was putting himself in her way in order to get it over with, get his whipping and strike the balance and write it off” (123). He had a hatred for Mrs. McEachern because she tried to help him and he did not want help from anyone. She fixed him supper one night and he completely refused it, “While she watched him he rose from the bed and took the tray and carried it to the corner and turned it upside down, dumping the dishes and food and all onto the floor” (154-155). When he was fourteen, his profound hatred of women was shown when he, partly unconscious of what he was doing, beat a girl almost to death: “He kicked her hard, kicking into and through a choked wail of surprise and fear. She began to scream, he jerking her up, clutching her by the arm, hitting at her with wide, wild blows, striking at the voice perhaps, feeling her flesh anyway, enclosed by the womanshenegro and the haste” (156-157). When he was eighteen, he met Bobbie and started having a relationship with her, until he found out it was all a lie and he came to hate her too. This was the first

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