Rapunzel vs Tangleed

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Golden Locks: Past v Present Most people in all probability enjoy reading a worthy fairytale. Read fairytales before bed is a huge part of today’s culture. In the tale of Rapunzel, a young girl is taken from her parents and is locked in to a tower. Although the plot and setting appear largely comparable, Grimm’s Rapunzel and Disney’s Tangled have more distinctions than similarities. The differences between the two are disease, and modern era’s attraction to good-hearted delinquents. In present-day, illness is common. Illness is a wide-ranging problem for families in present times. In the opening scenes of Disney’s Tangled the audience quickly learns that the queen has contracted an ailment. The queen’s dilemma permits the viewers to relate to the story. A contracted illness can be fought today in several ways. However, sickness in the past likely meant death. In the text there is no indication of illness. Sickness is replaced by the lettuce the man steals for his deteriorating wife. According to the narrations of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s Rapunzel, “One day the wife stood at this window, looking down into the garden, and her eyes lit on a bed of the finest rapunzel, which is a kind of lettuce. . . Her craving for it grew from day to day, and she began to waste away because she knew she could never get any” (154). This detail is quite significant because food is readily available even for those in struggle. Also, it is a bit idiotic; a woman is going mildly insane due to craving of lettuce and the lack of which she consumes. Additionally, other differences in cultural details became apparent. In modern times we all root for the “bad boy”. As for older times, a prince, charming, well-mannered, and handsome was to save a damsel in distress. We love the bad boy persona or, the rule breaker and it is all more common in our current culture. In Grimm’s Rapunzel the son
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