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Obituary for Peter Griffin Hello, today we are gathered here to share grief for our beloved Peter Griffin, who was also known as that fat guy from Family Guy who is an immature, obese, care-free, outspoken, dim-witted and a heavy drinker. Peter griffin was eaten by a Quahog this past Saturday because he was trying to stop the quahog from being shellfish by eating all the food and not sharing it with him, so the Quahog decided to tear him like a pea and eat him. I remember he had a crooked nose and mouth but he could always keep a straight face. Peter was a big-sized hero in the world of animation. Peter spent most of his life in the city of Quahog, Rhode Island. Peter was married to Lois; he was a very Lois-like husband. Peter often got…show more content…
He had a very complex relationship with his three children. He normally made fun of his daughter Meg because she was shaped like a megatron and looked beastly. He treated his son Chris very well because they both share the same level of genius and he didn’t really care about his youngest son Stewie because they both had nothing in common and Peter was just too arrogant. When it came to giving advice to his kids about school, all he said was “you are average” but he was just being mean. Whenever the subject was about ancestors, Peter loved talking about them. He told a story about his eight- Kishan 3 foot-three grandfather. It was a tall tale. Despite the suburban blue-collar routine of his life, he has had a number of remarkable experiences and somehow he had managed to touch all our lives. All in all he shall be missed by all of us and we will remember him as the brainless stereotypical blue-collar who was apparently eaten by a clam. Here’s a quote I thought of that perfectly fits Peter, “Some people love them, most people hate them, everyone groans when they hear them.” The funeral was held at 3:50 pm for about two hours, too long. Here’s an advice to the people “When entering a funeral home, remember to stay alert and always look

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