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Jazmyne De-Heer Ms.Petrone EDG 2D1 Tuesday February, 28, 2012 “Lessons of Love” In the short story “Lessons of Love” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the narrator is not in love with boy but instead obsessed with him because she only loved him for his good looks. In the beginning of the story, the narrator explains the appearance of her secretive love: “I first saw him in the hall…He looked extraordinarily like a young Marlon Brando – down to the ironic little smile” (36). The narrator has nothing to say about his personality, which is mainly a reason why a person would fall in love with somebody. The narrator shows the readers that the boy is a very attractive male and she has stared at every feature of his face to know that he looks like a young Marlon Brando down to just his “ironic smile”. The narrator…show more content…
This shows she is obsessive because she has never spoken to him to know so many personal facts about him. Lastly, the narrator proves that she is obsessed with the boy because the narrator started to do things she disliked so she could see her love. Since she knew that her ‘young Marlon Brando look a like’ worked at the supermarket near her apartment on weekends she would desperately go to the supermarket just to see her love: “I pounced on every opportunity from Friday to late Sunday afternoon to go after eggs, cigarettes, milk (I tried to drink as much as possible although I hated the stuff)…”. In the quote the girl clearly proves to the reader that she would do nearly anything for her love, even if it is something she dislikes. If she was really in love with the boy, she would wait for things to run out naturally rather then making sure the products run out quickly and running out your own families’ money just to meet her own personal needs, which is to see the face of her love. Love is not based only on a persons look, nor is it researched or not worth waiting for, based

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