Cupid And Pysche

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Jasmine Rivera Professor Abuin ENG 345 Spring 2010 Cupid and Psyche In the myth of Cupid and Psyche, the reader can make a connection between Propp’s Thirty-One functions of folktale and the story. The myth of Cupid and Psyche is a very interesting love story. It goes to show that beauty is not everything. Furthermore, if a person is happy why question it and be tricked by others into believing that they are living a lie. In Psyche’s life she always had admirers but never really found love. Venus, the goddess of beauty, became jealous of this and sent her son, Cupid, to destroy Psyche, hence making her the villain of the story. However, to Venus’ surprise her plan backfires and her son Cupid falls in love with Venus. They join together and she is very happy, however she never sees him physically only feels his love. Once he grants Psyche her desire to see her sisters, they plant evil thoughts and her head and raise certain questions, which make Psyche skeptical. She begins to question her love and lets others opinion get the best of her. I don’t understand why she just couldn’t continue living the life she loved along with the man she loved. Subsequently, to the aforementioned I am able to include Propp’s trickery function into the story. Psyche was not only tricked by Venus, the villain, but also by her sisters. Although, she is asked to fulfill many requirements and tasks given to her by Venus, true love is the only thing that helps her at the end. I enjoyed this story very much and fell in love with the quote “Love cannot dwell with
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