Comparing Friar Laurence And The Nurse In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Good or Evil… You Tell Me In many ways, Friar Laurence and the nurse have been both good and bad for Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the story, both Friar Laurence and the nurse made choices that changed the course of Romeo and Juliet’s lives. Some of these were positive changes and others would later be greatly regretted. In the story, Friar Laurence, was at some moments good for Juliet and at others very bad. For example, the fact that he didn’t fulfill the plan he told Juliet of how she could escape from her second marriage, could very well be blamed for her death. He planned for her to “appear” to be dead, but she was only in a deep state of unconsciousness. When she awoke, she would have Romeo by her side in the tomb and they could run away to Mantua together. When he came up with the plan he…show more content…
She always seemed to want the best for Juliet and do good things for her but she also seemed confused throughout the story. One thing she did in the story that shows this was when she conspired with Friar Laurence about a plan to give the new made bridegroom their honeymoon night. She wanted Juliet to still have her honeymoon although Romeo had been banished. She saw this as a way for her to show how much she cared and it truly worked. On the other hand, when Juliet was in desperate need for help, the Nurse didn’t do her very much good. Juliet’s parents were both disappointed in her and threatening to disown her because she refused to marry Count Paris. When she confronted the Nurse for help and advice, the Nurse told her that she should break the law and marry a second man. More than that, she wasn’t concerned with Juliet’s true feelings but rather with the fact that she may lose her job if Juliet continues to refuse. If she had done what was in Juliet’s best interest, she would have looked into the situation more and realized that forcing her into a marriage could have dire
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