Hamlet Questions.

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Act II Scene 1 1. Note the description of Hamlet’s behavior. What is the dramatic value of having Hamlet tell us he may “put on an antic disposition” and doing so come close together? 2. How does Polonius react to the news of Hamlet’s strange behavior? · He thinks Hamlet is just mad because Ophelia dissed him. 3. What evidence of Hamlet’s affections for Ophelia exists? · He tells Ophelia he loves her and does not love her, thinks she should never have trusted him but wants her to go away to a nunnery for her own protection. He calls himself a liar, but when he discovers Ophelia is dead, Hamlet's reaction suggests that he did, love her. · · I loved Ophelia: forty thousand brothers · Could not, with all their quantity of love, · Make up my sum. · · Hamlet does not always tell the truth, but there is enough evidence to suggest that Hamlet probably did love Ophelia. 4. What trait of Polonius is revealed by his plans to spy on his son? What does it reveal about Laertes? · Basically Polonius spys because he likes to do it not only that he really despite everything cares about his son so when he dies his son storms back to Denmark mad. Scene 2 (This scene is by far the longest of the play. It contains several episodes: The arrival of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the episode with the ambassadors to Norway, Polonius’s interpretation of Hamlet’s madness, the meeting of Hamlet with his two school friends, and the arrival of the players. Consider why Shakespeare would put them all in the same scene.) 1. How is the problem of young Fortinbras solved? What concession has Norway made to quiet young Fortinbras? (While seemingly insignificant, you will need to remember some of this for the end of the play.) · When Fortinbras' troops are moving to take some of Poland, Hamlet chides himself on being so cowardly, and Fortinbras

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