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Significant quotes act 2 "I am sorry that with better heed and judgement I had not quoted him.” There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.(II,ii, 239–251) There is some truth in the common saying that nothing is either good or bad yet the simple act of thinking makes it so. In this quote Hamlets claims that it is our perception that makes something appear good or bad. This quote is still valued in today’s modern society. Also, this quote contributes to Hamlet’s morality behaviours. Everything he does, every thought, every experience and everything that ever happened to him had s certain meaning to him. Those meaning as a result label situations as good or bad in his mind. Recurring stuff Throughout Act two of the play the issue of appearance vs. reality is examined by Shakespeare frequently. Things that appear true and honest may be evil or deceitful in reality. Many of the characters within the play hide behind a mask of falseness: Ophelia, Polonius, and Hamlet. Ophelia tells her father of Hamlet. ``No, my good lord, but, as you did command, I did repel his fetters and denied``(I,ii,105-106). Ophelia was in love with Hamlet but she further reveals that due to Polonius’s orders, she has cut off all contact with Hamlet and has refused his letters. As a result, it is quite evident that Ophelia is hiding her true inner feelings for Hamlet due to her respect and fear of Polonius. In addition, Polonius is a wise old man with high moral values. But in this act the audience is introduced to his true intentions .Polonius tells Gertrude and Claudius of Hamlet's strange behaviour and they agree to watch him secretly. Previously in Act 1 Polonius was providing his son, Laertes with advice , ``And guarantee yourself against being false ``(I,iii,101). Polonius` actions are contradicting with the advice he had given to Laertes. Polonius
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