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Hamlet Last week in class we talked about the scene in Hamlet where parental and brotherly advice was given. People, especially family members, love to give advice whether it's helpful or completely useless. In act one scene three Laertes and Polonius both offer advice to Ophelia which, in my opinion, was extremely valuable for a young woman but Ophelia is not the only one to receive advice. In the beginning of the scene, Laertes is telling Ophelia that all of his stuff in on the ship and that she should write to him while he’s away. He says that she most likely would not write to him because she will be too busy with Hamlet so Laertes decides to give her some advice. He tells her that although Hamlet gives all his attention to her right now, it might not be like that in the future. He has to remind her that Hamlet is part of the royal family and his duties and responsibilities come first. He can’t really make decisions for himself like most people so Laertes tells Ophelia to be cautious when Hamlet tells her he loves her. He’s basically warning her not to her innocence get the best of her and to be very careful when it comes to giving her love to Hamlet. If this is not amazingly helpful advice then I don’t know what is. It’s important for her to hear this because people can be so blind when it comes to love. Polonius as well gives some parental advice to his daughter Ophelia. He calls her foolish for believing anything Hamlet says to her. Ophelia argues with her father and tries to convince him that Hamlet truly does love her and speaks nothing but the truth when he is with her. Polonius tells Ophelia not to mistake a fire with true love. Hamlet is young and can do as he pleases with whoever he wants begins to get short tempered and tells her not to believe his word. To sum up his speech, Polonius forbids Ophelia from talking to and seeing Hamlet so she doesn’t

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