A View from the Bridge- Relationship Between Eddie and Catherine

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‘A view from the bridge’ is a play written by Arthur Miller. It is set in the 1950s when it was more than common that Italians were rushing into America. The play revolves around the household of Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman who is of Italian Descendant and lives with his wife, Beatrice and his niece, Catherine. There are many ways and aspects in which Arthur Miller portrays a very delicate relationship in the eyes of the world. This affiliation is of Eddie Carbone for his seventeen year old niece. This obviously takes the form of the taboo category in relationships which is incest. From the start we can see that Eddie over-reacts to moments involving Catherine, his niece of seventeen years, such as when he creates such a big scene just over her wearing one skirt. And then his protest over her opportunity of doing a job. Basically he just wants her to be 'shown off' as little as possible. We could say that this is parental worrying but having the audacity to go to the extreme of thinking of not even giving her a chance to stand on her own feet, clearly eliminates the idea of parental concern. The fact that he states that “The heads are turning like windmills” knowing that those ‘heads’ turn to every woman passing, reflect his jealousy rather than his care. This establishes the idea in the reader's mind that he is 'over-protective' about Catherine in the context of a lover. Having this level of Dominance towards not a daughter, but a niece, is very uncommon in the real world. So this establishes that Eddie Carbone is irrationally possessive about his niece, Catherine. A way Eddie is able to not be suspected of his incestuous feelings towards Catherine by her or his wife, is through Catherine’s innocence .Catherine is too naïve to understand Eddie’s love at the start of the play. She does love Eddie and cares for him but more like in a fatherly way. She wants his
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