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Hamlet Study Questions by Christina Daffre Act One Scene One 1. In the first scene we discover that Horatio is a good intelligent man, who is skeptical of supernatural events. Horatio is not bling by rationality either. He does not deny the existence of the apparition. When his predictions are proved wrong by the appearance of the ghost, he is overwhelmed with terror of what might come. Horatio’s ability to accept the truth after being proven wrong displays the trustworthiness of his character. 2. Horatio at first believes that its only Marcellus and Barnardo’s imagination, but agrees anyways to stay and watch for the apparition even though he believes it will not appear. After the ghost reveals its self, Horatio’s try’s to communicate…show more content…
Laertes’ advice to his sister, Ophelia is to be careful of Hamlet. He advises her not to fall in love with Hamlet because their love is only temporary and will not last. Laertes warns her that even though Hamlet may love her, “ His greatness weigh’d, his will not his own…” Laertes believes that Hamlet is too high in the monarchy to love Ophelia honorability. Even though Hamlet loves her, his choice of a wife is limited and she may not fit the agreement of Denmark. Laertes tries to caution his sister to “ … Keep within the rear of your affection…” He tells her if she gives into her desire, she will only get hurt in the end. Polonius’ advice is different from Laertes, as where Laertes is looking out for his sister because he loves, when Polonius is only looking out for himself. Polonius calls Ophelia naïve, he says that Ophelia does not understand pediment that she have gotten her self-involved in. Polonius tells Ophelia that she should not believe the promises Hamlet has made for her, that he is deceiving her by swearing his love, his vows “ …they are brokers, Not of that dye which their investments shows...” they are not as wholesome as they appear. Polonius forbids Ophelia to see Hamlet

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