How To Respect Boundaries In Any Relationship

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How to Respect Boundaries in Any Relationship How to Respect Boundaries in Any Relationship Boundaries in any relationship can be very hard to respect when the other person does not respect yours. This can be between a boyfriend and girlfriend, father and son, brother and sister or even a teacher and student. I hope this gives you a new outlook on how respecting boundaries can affect any relationship. Healthy boundaries can strengthen any relationship. The problem with people not knowing how to respect boundaries can affect more than one person. It could be because of many different things. Maybe because of how they were brought up or because throughout life so many people have not respected your boundaries so know you have the wrong attitude. They don’t respect mine, so why should I respect theirs so now you don’t and have added to the problem. Instead of adding to your problems try fixing it. Determine if you are violating a person's emotional boundaries. This can include attacking anything about who a person is. Some examples of this would include a person's looks, sexual orientation and gender. Even if it is meant in jest, violating this boundary can be hurtful (Lampert, L. (2011, April 30). First set healthy boundaries. Here are some way’s to set healthy boundaries talk, listen, and think. Talk about it to the person they may not even know what they are doing, by talking to the person you may be able to work something out if they are willing to work on it to. Listen to yourself as much as the other person for example your girlfriend does not like you kissing her ear and she asks you please to never do it. By talking and listening to her you could find out if it’s because of something that has happened to her. You have to listen with not only your ears but your eyes and what their body is saying can help to. Try to stop and think about what you do and say
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