Friar Laurence's Death In The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, a great feud centuries-long between two families is the root of much violence, tragedy, and sorrow leading to the demise of the two main protagonists and many others. The Capulets and Montagues have been fighting and causing unnecessary death in the streets because of their feud for centuries. Friar Laurence knowingly married Romeo and Juliet even though they are both part of the feuding households and he did not inform anyone about this marriage. Also, Romeo and Juliet made terrible choices leading up to their untimely death. Friar Laurence, the House of Capulet, the House of Montague, and the sprightly couple of Romeo and Juliet all guiltily contributed in the sorrowful result of the situation, Friar Laurence…show more content…
Firstly, Friar Laurence married Romeo and Juliet knowing that their families hated each other and that it could end very poorly (Shakespeare 944-45). Friar knew this was a bad idea, but he continued with it and married the two. However, if he did not do this he would never be in trouble and Romeo and Juliet would then have to get married the ordinary way, thus, letting both families know. Next Friar decides to give Juliet a vial which will put her in a death-like state and sends a letter to Romeo about the plan, but it does not get to him (Shakespeare 993-1012). If Friar Laurence did not give Juliet the vial, Romeo would not kill himself because he thinks Juliet is dead. Thus Juliet would not kill herself because Romeo is dead. So, Friar Laurence made some poor choices involving Romeo and Juliet’s relationship inevitably making him partially…show more content…
Romeo decided that he was in love with Juliet upon sight without knowing who she was (Shakespeare 924). This was a terrible choice Romeo had literally no idea who she was and this could have stopped the whole conflict of the play. Romeo then ignored his dreams which he believed told his destiny (Shakespeare 921-1009). While if Romeo listened to these dreams which he believed told the future he would have been much more cautious because he would know that he was going to die prematurely. Also, by him listening to his dreams he would have made either little or no poor choices later in the play which results in his death. Lastly, throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet have been threatening suicide to solve their problems (Shakespeare 973-1014). As most people know and understand when people threaten suicide something is wrong and because they were stressed they made more bad choices. That is why Romeo and Juliet are the most guilty people causing the tragic

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