Betrayal in Romeo & Juliet

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The Betrayal of the Only Child In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, from rivalling families must hide their love for each other, or face the wrath of their parents. Throughout the play, many characters are subject to a betrayal, or betray someone or something else. For example, Friar Lawrence betrays his duty as a priest in Verona by marrying Romeo and Juliet, and Tybalt betrays Lord Capulet by hunting Romeo. However, the most significant betrayal in the play is Lord and Lady Capulet's betrayal of Juliet by forcing her to marry Paris, and completely disregarding her wants. This betrayal hurt Juliet in many ways, and it hurt her parents a little too, as this would soon lead to her death. The first way that this betrayal hurt Juliet is that she was forced to marry someone she did not love, and completely forget about Romeo, her husband. Lord Capulet does not care about Juliet's feelings when he hears that Juliet does not want to get married. All he wants is money and a good connection to the Prince. He did not always think like this though. In the beginning of the play, he says “All I want is for Juliet to be happy, so I will have to ask her if she wants to be married” and he says things that implies he does not want Juliet to get married, like saying how young wives do not always turn out happy. So why is he so angry that Juliet does not want to get married? He should listen to what she wants to say, instead of yelling at her, calling her a disgrace to the Capulet name, and “kicking her out on the streets and never providing her with money ever again”. Even the nurse, who just wants Juliet to be happy, tells her to forget about Romeo and marry Paris. This betrayal hurt Juliet more than anyone else because it forced her to come up with an absurd plan with the Friar to fake her own death to be with Romeo, which did not
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