A Mid Summer Nights Dream

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Towards the beginning of the play A Mid Summer Nights Dream Lysander states that ‘the course of true love never did run smooth.’ Throughout the play along with the love song ‘Wild Horses’ by U2 we learn that love does not always make sense, that love is about emotions rather than rules and that love can cause us to both laugh and cry. Both the play and song use sophisticated language techniques that helps the audience understand certain emotions and believe certain truths about love. Love is about emotions rather than rules therefore can be unpredictable and can be chaotic. This is shown through the characterisation of Hermia. Hermia is in love with Lysander despite the Athenian rules. She cannot understand her own behavior since she has fallen in love and this is evident when she says to Theuses ‘I know not by what power I am made bold’ (act1 scene 1). This quote shows that Hermia does not usually act in this unpredictable way and that love is emotional rather than rational. Love is unpredictable and does not always make sense. This is shown through the conversation between Hermia and Lysander where Shakespeare uses repetition to compare different challenging situations where two people have fallen in love. To support this Shakespeare has used the characters of Lysander and Hermia to express these situations through dialogue some of which include ‘O cross too high to be enthralle’d too low’ (act 1 scene 1) and ‘Or else misgraffed on respect of years’ (act 1 scene 1) Through these quotes we are shown that love is something that is uncontrollable and it does not always make sense. Love can cause us to both love and cry. Love is not always easy it can cause sorrow and pain. An example that love can make us laugh is when Titania falls in love with Bottom who has the head of a donkey. By doing this Shakespeare creates humor which makes it entertaining for the
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