In a Western Society Arranged Marriages Should No Longer Be Tolerated. Discuss.

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In a Western society arranged marriages should no longer be tolerated. Discuss. Marriage is not for everyone. Nevertheless, for those who do wish to marry it should be as a symbol of the love between two individuals, and a declaration that they wish spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, many people in modern society marry for the wrong reasons, often for substantial financial gain or social climbing which will benefit them at a later stage in life. This essay will discuss whether or not arranged marriages still represent the “true” meaning of love, or are merely an unwilling duty forced upon a couple by exogenous family pressures. Arranged marriages tend to be a cultural tradition passed on through many generations. Many argue that in modern western societies, attitudes, particularly towards women, have evolved greatly and arguably now override previous traditions. People from areas where arranged marriages are in practice are often encouraged to learn to love their other half. The truth is love is neither something that can be learnt nor forced upon an individual. It is a powerful feeling determined by chemical reactions uncontrollable to any human being. Despite this, parents who support arranged marriages will often deem it their responsibility to find an adequate spouse for their child. This shows a disregard for the basic human right to be able to have the freedom and choice to live a life of independence. No true love can be found through interference from an outside party, and marriage instigated through this should not be tolerated. Brides become no more than items on a supermarket aisle, whilst the value of marriage itself is degraded to resemble that of a commercial transaction. However, it is also widely accepted that arranged marriages are only an instigator to help people find their perfect spouse. In a sense, they are no different

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