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Rishabh 10/9/11 Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Let the Sandwich Out Enduring the Pain and suffering the truth is something Melinda did every single day when she went to school. At the end of a summer she and her friends went to Rachel’s party, where Melinda was raped by a senior, Andy Evans. Dazed and drunk, she called the police for help and when they arrive they founded a teen party with illegal alcohol drinking, but Melinda left when they arrived. Everyone was mad at her, including her group of good friends from middle school. Melinda has told no one, not even her parents that she was raped. She endured…show more content…
There are many reasons Laurie Halse Anderson would choose Melinda as the main character, but one reason is because of her characteristics. Melinda was a very brave and courageous person. Throughout the book, Melinda goes throughout the whole high school year facing people’s hatred. “I scream, scream. Why aren’t the walls falling? I’m screaming loud enough to make the whole school crumble. I grab for anything, my potpourri bowl- I throw it at him, it bounces it to the floor. … Shards of glass slip down the wall to the sink. It pulls away from me, puzzled. I reach in and wrap my fingers around a triangle piece of glass. I hold it to Andy Evans neck. He freezes. I push just hard enough to raise one drop of blood. …I want to insert the glass all the way through his throat; I wanted to hear him scream.”(pg.195). In this quote it shows that she is not scared of him like she was. She took the piece of glass and threatened him. That is pretty brave. In the start when she was raped by him she was afraid and scared. She didn’t do anything about it. But this time she had gone through a lot already and had the courage to stop him. Another characteristic that an author would choose her was “Speak…show more content…
Melinda was an outcast. She started school with everyone hating her. Her old friends ignored her and even the kids she barely talked to in middle school; now talk about her behind her back. Her best friend Rachel tells her she hates her. She lost all her friends and has no one to talk to and share her feelings to, besides Heather. Heather is a girl who comes from Ohio and moved to Syracuse New York. She is a student from a different middle school and is unaware of the incident that just took place. Heather becomes her friend, but she soon backs off from being Melinda’s friend because she thinks that Melinda is the most depressed girl she ever met and she is not so cool so she goes and hangs out with the cool girls. Leaving, Melinda everyone turns there back on Melinda, but her lab partner who tells her and encourages her to speak up and not to remain silent. She had no friends but her lab partner who is the only friend she has remaining unless she speaks up. At the end Melinda finally speaks up to what is true and gets her best friends back to

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