Character Analysis Of Melinda In Speak

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Melinda in the book Speak by ____________ made a decision not to speak and is causing many problems for her. This situation is affecting her family, friend and most of all herself. The very first time she stopped talking was at the end of the summer, at a high school party. That night she got raped and called the cops. Everyone thought she called to bust the party. If she just spoke up her problems would be gone. Her parents think that she is not talking to rebel or because she thinks it is funny. So he made an appointment with the high school guidance counselor. At the meeting they began talking about how Melinda never talks. Melinda’s mother said, “Why won’t you say anything? For the love of God open your mouth! This is childish,…show more content…
Her friends wouldn’t talk to her, and everyone ignored her. No one wants to listen to Melinda’s explanation, and she doesn’t even feel like talking to anyone about that night. She is keeping everything she wants to say bottled up inside her and because of this she has no friends. When she goes for the first day of high school she has no one to sit with. Her best friend Rachel didn’t even sit with Melinda that day. Instead she laughed at her and told her “I hate you” (pg 5). Melinda found a new friend that just moved to town. Heather is completely different then she. Melinda does not even like her but it the only girl that doesn’t know about the party. She wouldn’t lose her friends if she just told the truth. Most of all is that Melinda is hurting herself. “Its easier not to say anything…no body really wants to hear what you have to say”(9). Because of this she is slowly rotting away. The more she struggles by herself with the rape, the less she is able to speak. Melinda is no longer positive and fun girl. She has changed to a pessimistic, self-loathing girl. “My closet is a good thing, a quiet place that helps me hold these thoughts inside my head where no one can hear them” (51) Melinda’s is relying on her closet and is keeping everything in her head. As a result, Melinda had lost respect for

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