Comparing The Book To The Movie: Of Mice And Men

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The Scenes of John Steinbeck’s Novel Of Mice and Men
Have you ever read a book and thought how would the makers of the movie re-create this scene in the movie version? All people interpret things differently. Someone might think that a person in a book is short and blonde another person might think that same person is tall and brown haired. Usually movies based off a book are based off the director’s interpretation of the book. Some scenes in the novel by John Steinbeck of Mice and Men. One scene in the movie that was different from the book was the scene that showed Lennie working on the ranch. The scene showed two men and Lennie putting heavy sacks onto a carriage. In the scene the two men struggled to put one sack onto the carriage together while Lennie put one sack onto the carriage alone with ease. Earlier in the story George told the boss “strong as a bull” while he was explaining Lennie to the boss. This proves that Lennie isn’t such a smart guy but he is a hell of a worker. This scene is different from the book because this never happened in the book. The director might have added this scene in to foreshadow what would happen when Curley picked a fight with Lennie.
Another scene in the book that was different from the movie was when George and the rest of the guys except for Lennie, Candy, and Crooks go into town. In the book Lennie is in the barn playing with his pup and then walks into Crook’s room in the barn. They start talking about Crook’s childhood and how he’s not used to the kind of racism. Candy comes in and talks to Lennie about the rabbits they will have on their own land. Curley’s Wife comes in and talks about how she never get to talk to anyone and how she’s lonely. She calls them the weak ones, insulting them and leaving short after. The reason this scene is different from the movie is because the part where Candy and Curley’s Wife come in

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