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Daniel Poleshchuk 10/3/12 E1FC Assignment: Writing About Literature Final Draft In “Rules of the Game,” by Amy Tan, Waverly’s mother is more of an adversary than an ally. Waverly’s mother acts as an adversary to Waverly because she doesn’t allow her daughter to embrace American culture. Waverly has been raised in America and has been living here for a long time, experiencing the ways of the country; her mother, however, has little respect to the American way of life and work ethic and depicts this when she says, “Chinese people do many things…Not lazy like American people” (3). Her condescending outburst makes it clear that she does not intend for Waverly to be at all like American children, who are…show more content…
One result of this is tension in the family when Vincent, Waverly’s brother, questions mother about why Waverly gets to skip chores in order to play chess and Ma answers, “Meimei play squeeze all her brains out for win chess. You play, worth squeeze towel” (8). She puts him down by saying that what he can do is nothing special at all, simply house chores, while Waverly is so astute in her chess game that she needs not to busy herself with activities that are designed for the likes of Vincent. Ma cares more about the child that has greater success and doesn’t see all of her children as equal, as is seen when Waverly runs away in the market from her mother after being overwhelmed by all the talk about Waverly’s amazing chess skills. Her mother becomes disinterested in Waverly and no longer cares about her. Instead, she tells the family that “this girl not have concerning for us” (10). With this cruel and undeserving statement, Ma pushes away Waverly since she knows that Waverly is no longer out to please her. Moreover, she tells the family to not care for Waverly either, completely isolating her daughter from the rest of the family. Mother blocks Waverly from living a good life with her shallow values and lack of love towards her only

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