Andre's Mother

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Which character is the protagonist? What is the specific reasoning behind your choice? Andre’s mother The protagonist is Andre’s mother. It seems as if the beginning of the play is just filler. Where the story really displays its purpose is toward the end consisting of Cal talking down on Andre’s mother. Although Cal seems as if he has the leading role, the story is about Andre’s mother remaining silent and speaking louder with actions. In accordance to the play, “Andre’s mother stands alone holding her white balloon. Her lip trembles. She looks on the verge of breaking down…” (51). Andre’s mother’s mouth remained shut, but she obviously showed very strong emotions. She obviously was very dreaded by the fact that her son passed away and she somehow shows regret on ever convincing Andre that she would not accept his homosexuality. Which character is the Antagonist? Cal The antagonist is Cal. Cal is clearly the opposing character. He may seem as is if he is the victim, but all he does is deliberately attack Andre’s mother not understanding her situation and position. According to the play, Cal states “How many of us don’t want to hurt our mothers and live in mortal terror of their disapproval. Our lives aren’t furtive, just our feelings towards people like you” (50). Andre’s mother is repeatedly bashed at by Cal because of her “disapproval” on Andre’s homosexuality. Where in the text does it state that Andre’s mother directly disapproved of his homosexuality? All it states is that Andre was AFRAID of her disapproval. What happens at the climax of the play? The climax of the play was reached a little towards the end of the play, where Cal verbally attacks Andre’s mother. Cal states, “I’m even more bitter now, after all this, I can’t reach you. I’m beginning to feel your disapproval and its making me ill” (51). After all the low blows Cal delivered to
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