Silent Judgment In The Play Andre's Mother

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Silent Judgment In the play “Andre’s Mother,” it is up to the character Cal to develop the character Andre’s mother. She is silent the entire play, which leaves the audience open-minded to make many opinions of her. Cal talks to Andre’s mother, but she never replies, which shows that their relationship was pretty much non-existent. The audience can assume that his mother is going through a grieving process throughout the play and that is why she is silent. Not only did Andre’s mother have communications issues with Cal but also with her own son. Her son didn’t even want to tell his mother that he was sick, let alone homosexual, even though Cal insisted. It is clear that Andre’s mother was not accepting of her son’s sexuality. She was narrow-minded and did not want to accept that her son was homosexual. In the story, Cal told of how Andre became down, and when he asked what was bothering him, he would just say he was homesick. He missed his mother but knew that she wouldn’t accept his ways.…show more content…
I think homosexuality hasn’t completely changed drastically from then and now, but in some ways there are some huge changes and views. It is socially accepted more so now then it was then. The audience can assume that religion plays a role in Andre’s mother not accepting her son because of references to the pope and heaven. Today the number of those who accept homosexuality is increasing, and I believe that it will continue to grow. Many states are allowing same-sex marriage, including Maryland, which even a couple of years ago I don’t think many people would have thought this law would be passed and

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