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Jas'mine Knox Professor Sweeney English 102 September, 26 2011 Character Analysis Draft This paper will aim to examine a short story “Say Yes” by Tobias Wolff. The primary focus is to correlate two elements, the main theme and a character from the story. After, really dissecting “Say Yes” it will not be hard to pinpoint the character's traits, motives, attitude, and take a look inside the author's mind. It is revealed to readers of both “Say Yes” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” that the two authors focus on themes of values, racism, and ultimately Good Vs. Evil. The story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” starts off with a Grandmother who complains to her Son Bailey that she would prefer going to Tennessee, instead of Florida for the family vacation. Although, Bailey is not one of the main characters he causes a lot of conflict based on his decisions. At first glance it seems as if…show more content…
Racism is such an touchy subject. What initially started off as a simple conversation between lovers escalated and greatly affected the couple's relationship. Another, In conclusion, the Husband All and All, the most obvious attributes that nd the Husband share are stubbornness and inconsideration towards others ideologies. For instance, every-time another character brought up a valid point they shot it down, wouldn't conform,and stuck to their own ideas. This is displayed throughout the story It its clear that they are both afraid of change Bailey didn’t want to somewhere new and the husband didn't believe in interracial relationships. The passage from when the Grandmother talks about Bailey's overall attitude in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” depicts this theory “He didn't have a Knox 3 naturally sunny disposition like she did and trips makes him nervous” (Connor 450). In conclusion,..... The actions of person can reveal a great deal about a person's

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