The False Moon

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The False Moon The story is about a boy with a troublesome relationship with his mother, and lack of interest in school and his future. One night, when he sneaked out of his bedroom, to roam alleys and wasteland, he stumbled upon a tin of paint in a tunnel, and found the passion for graffiti, he saw on the wall. Later he found out, it was a girl who has painted the graffiti on the wall, and fell in love with her. The main theme is love, and the opposite, hate. In the text we are provided with many feelings, for instance the relationship between the narrator and his mother Kay. The narrator doesn’t like his mother, he think all she says, and has told him is probably bullshit. The conversations between them is awkward, and the narrator think she forces herself, to bright up her voice, and ask about his life, like she forces herself to be a reasonable parent, and the Narrator reply with simple and brief sentences. It’s not only the narrator who hate his mother, it also seems like the mother doesn’t care about him. For instance, she is looking forward to the moment when the narrator can be fending for himself, and when she realize its Saturday she quickly tells him he can’t be in the house because Dan is coming. Dan is Kay’s boyfriend, and Dan surely doesn’t like the narrator, since he has to leave the house every time he comes over, yet another sign that his mother doesn’t care about him, because reasonable parents would never date a person, who hate their kids. We also get an insight where the narrator called his mother a whore and she hit him with a bottle. Later in the story, Kay realizes what an effect Dan had on the narrator and decided to end it with Dan, she also finds sketches of the graffiti the narrator has been working on, and realized it was her son, who was the one committing crime in the city. Still Kay takes all the blame for misdirection of their
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