Ender Character Analysis

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As, happiness leads to love, sadness leads to anger, hates leads to suffering and excellence of one can lead to dislikeness of others. Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment. Enders came by Orson Scott Card suggests that people dislike those who excel, the evidence is shown by Ender throughout the story, whose excellence makes him suffer when he faces Peter’s (brother’s) anger, the group members’ separation and his excellence forces others to torture him in many ways. Even though Ender is a nine year old boy, he is so brilliant that his excellence becomes a threat in many ways and Ender suffers in spite of his brilliance. To begin with the novel shows how Ender’s excellence makes him a victim of his brother’s anger. Ender becoming…show more content…
Ender’s excellence brings a lot of torture for him when Stilson wants to overrule him, Bernard frustrates him and Graff uses his sister to break Ender down emotionally. To begin with, Stilson wants to hurt Ender because he thinks he was excellent if his monitor and which is taken off. “Oh, gonna fight me huh? Gonna fight me, Thirde?” (Card 7). In this quote, Stilson shows anger toward Ender who deliberately creates a situation to hurt Ender. He calls him names and thinks Ender was powerful because of the monitor which is now taken off. The other time Ender’s excellence is disliked by others is when he is tortured by Bernard and his gang. At the launch, when Ender’s excellence is appreciated by colonel Graff, it brings a life of torture for Ender by Bernard and his gang. “Kicking his bed every time they went in, jostling him with his meal tray. Tripping him on the ladders...” “Calling him names like Maladroit” (Card 48). The quote describes how Ender is tormented everyday by Bernard. Bernard wants to suppress Ender so that he would not be a threat to him. Bernard’s actions hurt him a lot and he feels emotionally hurt. His excellence brings him a torture which others think is a treatment to kill his excellence. Also, Ender’s excellence is disliked by others when colonel Graff uses his sister to add torture toward Ender. Ender’s one weakness, his sister Valentine’s love is abolished by colonel Graff so that Ender will have no
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