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Human circumstances are the close explorations of knowledge and King Lear is a strong insight into the nature of human beings. This statement contains truth when it comes down to the play King Lear by William Shakespeare. This novel is about King Lear, whose stepping down from his throne in Britain to enjoy an early retirement. He gives up his power and wants to give his land away to his three daughters. In order for him to do this, he tests their loyalty to see who loves him the most. His two daughters, Goneril and Regan, give the satisfaction of false praise and flattery to Lear so that they can get the land that they desperately want. Cordelia, his youngest daughter refuses to give in to him like her sisters do and has no words to describe…show more content…
When he criticized his daughter wrongly, he learns later on in the story about how senseless he was to judge his daughter blindly for the reason that he couldn't see her true identity. He rejects Cordelia in the beginning and then learns from this mistake after she dies, realizing her worth after she is killed. Lear hated Cordelia because he was hurt by her words, but at the end, he thinks her death is the worst possible thing that could have ever occurred. In the play King Lear by William Shakespeare, Lear learns from making some serious mistakes in how to become a insightful human being, which propels him to have a greater understanding of others. His suffering makes him understand what man really feels…show more content…
When he strips himself out of his clothes, it proves that he's stripped out of everything he ever owned. He takes off his clothes when he comes to know about how man goes through pain and suffering- so he does this both literally and as a figure of speech by stripping himself out of any material goods that he has. This makes Lear appear crazy and insane in his mentality. Taking off his clothes reveals how he lost all the crucial things in life. He is also sad and heartbroken as his past events lead him to his current state that he`s put in. The fact the Lear lost all his power and authority makes him think his clothing is of no use to him anymore and finds that it offers no protection against the wrath of mother nature. Before Lear used to be so hoggish and inhuman when he had power and he starts to become selfless now that he has nothing left. He evolves into being more concerned with the feelings of others. Therefore,, this infomation all shows how Lear becomes a more sympathetic person after facing the harshness of a cold-hearted

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