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King Lear – Literary/Persuasive Essay The play King Lear by William Shakespeare is about two ongoing stories. The “main” plot is centered on King Lear, who wants to divide his land between his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia to prevent war and strife in his kingdom. He decides how much the land is divided by having a contest between his daughters to see who “loves” him the most. This plan became a disappointment for Lear because his favorite daughter Cordelia’s profession of love was not up to his standard. In reaction to this disappointment Lear disowns Cordelia and gives her sisters, her share of the land. Also, because of this decision this causes Lear to go through many trials and tribulations with his legitimate daughters, who are now using their new power against him. The second plot is focused on Gloucester, who is tricked by his son Edmund, who is illegitimate, to turn on his legitimate son Edgar, which leads to Edmund receiving his title and his being exiled. While in exile, he is reunited, unknowingly with his son Edgar, who has taken one of his many disguises. In the end, both plots end with the tragic deaths of all the main characters excluding Edgar, who becomes the King and Albany. In this play, these decisions that are made by Lear and Gloucester in turn leave them with nothing. The first point that shows why Lear is left with nothing is the giving away of his kingdom. The second point is Lear makes the mistake of trusting the substance of spoken words. Gloucester is also left with nothing because of his trust in his unnatural son Edmond and not in his natural son Edgar. Much like Lear, Gloucester also gives up his title and his land. King Lear lost a significant amount just by giving his kingdom away to Goneril and Regan; by doing this he lost his family, friends and his power. He lost his only real family when in the play, he says,

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