King Lear Speech

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Good morning/Afternoon fellow classmates and teacher. Before talking about my given quote I would like to tell you some information about king lear. | King Lear, the aging king of Britain, decides to step down from the throne and divide his kingdom evenly among his three daughters | However, he puts his daughters through a test, asking each daughter to tell him how much they love him. Goneril and Regan, Lear’s older daughters, give their father flattering answers. | But Cordelia, Lear’s youngest and favourite daughter, remains silent, saying that she has no words to describe how much she loves her father. | ‘unhappy that I am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth; I love your majesty according to my bond, no more nor less’ (ACT1SCENE1-86-88)When the loyal Gloucester realizes that Lear’s daughters have turned against their father, he decides to help Lear in spite of the danger. | Regan and her husband, Cornwall, discover him helping Lear, accuse him of treason, blind him, and turn him out to wander the countryside. He ends up being led by his disguised son, Edgar, toward the city of Dover, where Lear has also been brought. | The quote I was given is Act4 scene5 ‘Come on, sir, here’s the place. Stand still. How fearful and dizzy ‘tis to cast one’s eyes so low. The crows and choughs that wing the midway air show scarce so gross as beetles. Half way down Hangs one that gathers samphire, | Dreadful trade! Methinks he seems no bigger than his head. The fishermen that walk upon the beach appear like mice and yon tall anchoring barque Diminished to her cock; her cock, a buoy almost too small for sight. The murmuring surge, that on th’unnumbered idle pebble chafes, Cannot be heard | So high. I’ll look no more, Lest my brain turn and the deficient sight topple down headlong. The setting is the country near Dover, Edgar is leading his father to an area, which Edgar

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