The Role Of Teachers In King Lear

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In Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Lear, those who give, and always expect something in return, will be deceived and eventually lose everything because of that deception. When the characters in King Lear want something in return, it is most often attention or forgiveness that they ask for. These characters are deceived because the people who want what they are giving away will do anything, even lie, to get it. The few who will not lie in order to get something from them, are turned away for not “returning the favour”. Due to their negligence these greedy characters eventually lose everything, and then realize the error of their ways. To start, there are characters who give only to receive something in return. At the very beginning of the story, it is revealed that King Lear is dividing his land. The king is old, and will not be able to carry on for much longer, and since he has no son, he decides to split his land amongst his 3 daughters, Regan, Goneril and Cordelia. This gift does not come free though, he asks for each of them to tell him how much they love him. “Tell me, my daughters … Which of you shall we say doth love us most? / That we our largest bounty may extend / Where nature doth with merit challenge” (I.i.49-54). This shows that he will give the daughter with the best answer the most land, which is pure greed on his behalf, to base a big decision like that on who loves him the most. Also, once Edgar runs away, Gloucester gives the title that Edgar once had to Edmund. In return, he expects forgiveness from Edmund, for years of treating him like second best. When Gloucester decides to give Edmund his inheritance, he says, “Loyal and natural boy, I’ll work the means / To make thee capable” (II.i.84-85). Although Edmund may not be Gloucester’s first choice, he is the best choice in Gloucester’s eyes. All he wants is to be forgiven for not giving Edmund the
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