Troy In Fences

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T TH 11:00 People tend to be unsatisfied with what is acquired in life. Life can be wasted by never being content with what is attained and by always hoping for something unattainable. Taking for granted the meaningful parts of existence is human nature, but can be avoided by remembering to nurture the real blessings in life. In August Wilson’s play “Fences” Troy Maxson shows that discontentment and greed will ultimately lead to a life of emptiness. Troy Maxson’s discontentment in his marriage ultimately led to the dissolution of it. Throughout “Fences”, Troy’s wife Rose is praised by all who know her. Bono repeatedly reminds Troy what a good woman Rose is and Troy retorts “you can’t find a better woman that Rose” (2.1.39). Troy still chooses to cheat on Rose with Alberta despite his recognition of Rose’s greatness. He is not satisfied with the safety his marriage had developed and greedily risks it all for the possibility of greater happiness in his affair with Alberta. In his explanation to Rose he uncovers his discontent in his days to day pressures at home and wants to “be a part of himself that he ain’t never been” (2.1.97). He gambled his relationship with Rose and lost his wife for the illusion of happiness, not aware of the responsibilities his adultery would bring. After he learns of Alberta’s death the burden of raising a daughter himself became a reality. In his plea to Rose to help mother his child she accepts, but informs him he’s “a womanless man” (2.3.4). Troy traded his marriage for the hope of something better than the relationship he had with Rose. In his selfish affair, his day to day problems didn’t evaporate, but only became larger than ever before. Troy’s greed for respect destroyed his relationship with his son, Cory Maxson. Troy felt he deserved utter respect because he provided for Cory. When Cory asked if Troy liked

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