Essay on Montana 1948

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E\Essay on Montana 1948 In Montana 1948 it explores the sense that David believed to have a positive role model in uncle Frank until he true colours were revealed and he realized later what a great role model he had in his father. Watson it showed that David's rite of passage was based on Frank's negative impact on him and the awareness that there is evil in the world. The hardest thing that David had to go through was coming to terms with seeing his uncle in a different way; this was made known when David said "too frightening for me to continue thinking of my uncle in the way I always had." Watson shows that people eventually become cynical and disillusioned with the world when they discover that their role models are in fact corrupt and immoral. Confirmation to support this is when David reveals "did I wonder what might happen if I killed my uncle". David managed to see some good in people including his father. Watson demonstrates the life of David Hayden growing up, and realizing later what a great role model he had in his father. David saw his father as a weak man and he thought his perfect role model was Frank, which is seen as he said "not manly figure like uncle Frank". He felt let down in his father, as he didn't arrest anyone or carry a gun, "And that disappointed me at times". David saw Wes as a great role model later when he realized what a challenge it was choosing between being a brother, sheriff and an employer to Marie. David starts to see his father in a different way because of the difficult situation he was in, evidence of this is shown when he "could appreciate the situation his father was in" therefore gaining respect for him. Unlike Wes, Frank was a negative role model to David. In Montana shows that David believed that Frank was the perfect "manly" role model until his true colours showed. This was since he believed he was athletic,

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