Why English Mothers Are Superior Essay

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior The cultural difference in the world has the last couple of years shown more than ever before. Here in the west we tend to look at other cultures’ way of up-bring their children and say they are doing it wrong, because we do not do like them. China is an example of that. The Chinese parents have a very strict way of bringing up their children, and we often look strangely at that. The Chinese mother Amy Chua is trying to justify how the Chinese parents are acting and defend the Chinese parenthood in an article which was posted in “the wall street journal”. Amy Chua is a Chinese/American mother who has two children who are brought up in Chinese manners. Amy Chua is justifying for that. She thinks that it is okay that the different cultures are uses different up-bringing methods and she sees the consequences in both sides. She says that the western parents think they are strict but they are not in her eyes. She uses an example with the children playing instruments, the western parents would say that they were strict if the children had to play the instrument for half an hour, while the Chinese parents would say that three hours almost was not enough. Amy Chua is speaking to the western parents because they are kind of looking down at the Chinese methods of up-bringing. The reason why she wrote the article was that many western women at the time began to write books about how to bring-up their children. Amy Chua saw it as an offending. The message of the text is to show the readers the differences between western parents and Chinese parents because in the end she is saying that we all are doing it in different ways so even though she is defending the Chinese parents she is still saying that it is okay that we are not doing it same ways. To engage the reader Amy Chua is showing some statistics about the western parents’ thoughts
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