Courtney Fink: A Scene Analysis

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At the scene: On June 24, 2010, at 17:15, I was dispatched to 221 Wakefield Drive. Upon arrival, I discovered the body of Courtney Fink inside her home. Home appeared to be in disarray. But there didn’t appear to be signs of any struggle on the victim’s body. No apparent markings on the face, arms or neck regions of the victim. It was currently sunny, but the ground outside was quite wet because it had rained for several days prior to today. Courtney was found on the couch in the living room with pills of some kind in her hand and scattered around the table in front of her, along with three pill bottles also on the table. There was also a laptop on the table in front her. On the laptop the following message was on the screen. The message…show more content…
The body of the victim was found with pills in hand and on the table in front of her, a laptop open with an apparent suicide note on screen. The victim’s home was in disarray when she was found which tends to be a sign of a struggle. With that being said, there were no markings on the victim’s body that leads me to believe that there was a struggle. Although the victim’s sister claims she was a neat freak, which doesn’t rule out the thought of a struggle. The neighbor claims that he saw the victim’s boyfriend speeding out of her driveway two days prior to her body being discovered. But the victim’s best friend stated that she saw her just the night before. The same night that the neighbor’s wife hosted the jewelry show that the victim was supposed to attend. After the jewelry show the neighbor’s wife says that she knocked on the door and the victim did not answer, but her car was in the driveway. The neighbor’s wife never mentioned the best friend being there, or any other vehicle. When I was interviewing the best friend of the victim, she immediately began blaming the boyfriend. She began to sob hysterically and was unable to answer my questions. She claims that she saw the victim just the night before, when the neighbor’s wife claims nobody was home. Gabrielle “the sister of the victim” says that she and the victim were very close. And that Zack had broken up with the victim. Nora “the victim’s best friend” claims that the victim broke up with

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