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Jonbenet Ramsey Jonbenet Ramsey was a well known American Beauty pageant contestant. She was the daughter of Patsy and John Ramsey. She was the all American little girl, and not only competed in beauty pageants but she also took violin and rock climbing lessons. Jonbenet was unfortunately found murdered on December 26, 1996 at the mere age of six years old. Her death shook the nation. Patsy Ramsey (Jonbenet's mother) discovered her young daughter was missing when she found a two and half page ransom note demanding $118,000.00 if they ever wanted to see their daughter alive again. The note also stated that the Ramsey's were to not contact the police. Patsy defied the instructions and contacted the police and family members. The police arrived and conducted a search which started at the house. Upon their arrival, John Ramsey and some friends went into the basement only to find his six year old little girl wrapped around a white blanket with a nylon cord wrapped around her neck, her wrists above her head, and duct tape covering her mouth. The results of Jonbenet's autopsy revealed that she was killed by strangulation and a severe skull fracture caused by blunt trauma. However, the official cause of death was asphyxiation. The investigation lacked experience and appeared to be very unprofessional on behalf of the police and FBI. They tended to focus on the family as being guilty and mustered up any evidence they could to try and portray them as the murderers. The police however, collected DNA samples from all family members, they collected hair and fiber samples, as well as handwriting samples from both John and Patsy. The criminal investigators and the police officers were scrutinized for their critical mistakes during this investigation. They failed to conduct a proper search of the house, the area was not sealed off and friends were allowed to walk in

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