Curley's Wife Monologue

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English Course Work I’ve worked at this ranch for some time now so I know the guys that work here very well but I got to find out more about one specific guy at the ranch. Lennie Small. It just started out as a question and ended a tragedy. I’m sure if that god damn Curly just kept his anger in and not mention his wife every single minute, to me or to any of the other guys at the ranch; like we were supposed to be snakes looking out for his wife every second of each day; then everything could have been fine. I walk into the bunkhouse and there at the table are sat Candy, Lennie and George who stopped their conversation when I entered the room. Following me behind is Curly, who already starts annoying me and also Whit and Carlson.…show more content…
“Come on, ya big bastard get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. I’ll show you who’s yella.” Suddenly Curley gets closer to Lennie and his left hand swings at full speed slashing Lennie and then he punches down Lennie’s nose with his right. Lennie’s nose drools with blood while, he lets out a cry of terror. Things start to get out of control. Lennie gives a cry for George but Curley followed him up against the wall, slugging him in the face. It looked like Lennie was being weak. He wasn’t even defending himself even when George yells “get him, Lennie. Don’t let him do it.” But Lennie only covered his face with his hands that were getting drenched in blood from his nose. Curley attacks Lennie in the stomach. Now this fella was going too far so I had to get up “the dirty little rat.” George quickly grabs me. He tells me to wait a minute and then yells “get ‘im’ Lennie!” and yells again. Curley’s hand swings at Lennie again but Lennie grabs for it in a split second. Lennie crushed the hell outta of Curley’s hand. Now George tries to stop Lennie, he says again and again “Leggo his hand, Lennie.” He asks me to step in. Finally Lennie let go and crouched down cowering against the wall, turning back into his childish self. Curley was in shock, looking at his crushed

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