Holden Caulfield Trial

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Fight at Pencey Prep! In the new dorms of the Old Ossenburger Memorial Wing, Ward Stradlater had punched Holden Caulfield right in the nose. It bleed everywhere. Holden ended up having blood all over his mouth, chin, pajamas and bathrobe. The fight had started out when Stradlater told Holden that his date was Jane Gallagher. She and Holden were pretty close friends and cared about each other. Once Holden had found out that they were going out on a date, he had gotten worried. When Stradlater had returned to the dorm after his date, Holden had asked what they did since they had not got to New York. Than Stradlater told him that they sat in the car of Ed Banky, the basketball coach at Pencey. Holden took offence to this and said “What`d…show more content…
Holden was angry and began to curse at Stradlater, which always made him angry. They made an agreement, Stradlater would get off of Holden if he shut his mouth and he agreed. As soon as Stradlater has gotten off of Holden, he had started cursing at him again. Stradlater began to warn Holden to watch his mouth, but Holden never listened. Stradlater only had one option, he had to punch Holden. Which knocked him on the floor. His nose began to bleed. Than Stradlater looked at him and said “Why the hell don’t’cha shut up when I tellya to? You asked for it, God damn it.” Holden layed there on the floor, yelling at Stardlater, calling him a “moron sonuvabitch”. Stardlater interrupted him , telling him to go wash his face and Holden childishly replied telling him to go wash his own face and while he was at it, give Mrs. Schmidt the time, who is the janitor’s wife. And while holden was saying this to Stradlater, he walked out of the room into the corridor. After the fight we talked to Stradlater and all he had to say about the fight was ``Holden deserved it, but I worried that he may have fractured his skull or something when he hit the floor after I had smocked him

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