Stand By Me Movie Vs Book

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Allie Bernstein Professor Kenny CIN 100 SEC#9690 15 March 2012 Stand By Me and The Body Stephen King’s novella The Body is about four twelve year old friends who go on an adventure to find a dead body in order to receive fame and fortune. The film that came out later on called Stand By Me is based on the book. The film captures a very close, almost exact story as the book. There are discrete ways the two entities are similar and there are as well discrete ways they are different. Some of the characters in the book have different physical traits. Besides that, there are different time periods, and some scenes in the novella are not taken place in the film or vise versa. Gordie is the one who is telling the story about the four young…show more content…
After that, Milo and Teddy get into an argument about Teddys father being a loony. Teddy is very defensive and they go back and forth about it. “your mother blows dead rats!, and if you call my dad a loony again, I’ll fucking kill you, you cocksucker!” (King 344). This line and the whole scene are in the film as well. The only difference is that the dog in the book was a mongrel dog and in the film it was a golden retriever. In the book and in the film they both take place in Castle rock. The only difference is that in the book it is in Maine and in the movie it is taken place in Oregon. In the book Teddy tries to go on the tracks while a train is heading his way, and said he wanted to dodge it. Gordie tells him to stop playing around now, and that he can get killed. Gordie ended up pushing him out of the way as the train was coming closer and closer. “I stood there for a moment, unable to believe stupidity of such width of breath. Then I grabbed him, dragged him fighting and protesting to the embankment, and pushed him over” (King 329). In the movie, this scene is alike to the scene in the book. The only big difference is that Gordie is the one to save Teddy in the book, and in the film it is Chris who saves

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