Physical Bullying Rowing the Bus vs Bird Girl.

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Ashley Joel Guilloty 10-29-14 Physical Bullying “In Rowing the Bus” and “Bird Girl” 3 Paragraphs In “Rowing the Bus,” Paul Logan explains when he gets on a bus, he would always being bullied making him sit on a floor in a bus to force him do physical exercise as if he was rowing on a boat by group of bullies who tortured him most of a time. When he was in sixth grade he was transferred to a new school. He tried to befriend a boy named George who was also being bullied by a guy named Chris. When the other students found out he was talking or sitting close to George they started bullying him. On the new bus rides to and from school. They’ve started tossing wads of paper and a wet chewing gum at Paul by an older kids in the back of the bus. Paul was cornered by Chris’s friends. When he arrive to the playground Chris grabbed Paul’s shirt and raised his fist at him. Questioning him if he was George’s new friend he denied being George’s friend then Chris threw him on a ground. Demanding where to find George. Chris and their followers pulled George off the bars to the ground. Chris begin punching on George’s head and body. George’s nose is broken and started bleeding. Then George was crying. George was transferred to another school. By the eighth grade he saw a group of gang beat up a sixth-grader because they thought a victim was uneducated. First year in high school Paul saw an older kid was stealing the freshman’s clothes and throw them into the showers .A year later, when he watched many seniors threw a wad of chewing gum in the new girl on the bus. In “Bird Girl” Clark Deleon explains experienced of a girl who had birdlike movements. They were flapping their arms and

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