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Gianna Tomassetti Speak is a book written by Laurie Halse Anderson in which many various teenage topics are touched upon. As you will see, this book introduces us to an array of issues and problems that many teenagers today face. It touches upon such intimate topics as rape, teenage depression and alienation. There are so many issues that need to be properly addressed in today's society and unfortunately many of them are not. Throughout the book many characters go through life changing experiences and it affects their personalities, judegements and actions. Sometimes an experience may affect someone in a positive way but others may be affected in a negative way. The book shows us how one particular girl…show more content…
It is too common and easy for people, especially teenagers , to keep their feelings inside when they are hurting and upset. This can lead to depression, unhappiness and sometimes even death. I have equated this story with many stories that I have seen on the news lately about teenage suicides. I feel that many teenagers do not speak up and discuss what is bothering them. This story has showed us that we should express what we are feeling and never keep something tragic bottled up inside you for too long. Sometimes one may be surprised to hear that there are others that are experiencing the same feelings or they may see others come forward to help them get through this rough time. There are times that people, possibly friends, acquaintances or just a schoolmate may end up surprising you by actually being a decent person and being someone who cares. No matter which direction one takes, I feel that the main theme of this story was to pass on a valuable lesson to teenagers that they need to confide in someone about what their inner feleings are. A main example from the book is that Melinda kept this huge secret held inside. She was too fearful to share it with anyone so instead she decided to keep it her secret. This turned out to be extremely detremental to her well being. It caused her grades to drop, she became an intravert, not wanting to speak to anyone or function properly as a teenager, she isolated herself from others and had no motivation to do anything. Melinda turned from being a loving young lady who had a close relationship with her parents to a recluse who became distant to her parents, friends and everyone. She became unable to continue a relationship with anyone including her parents and she kept all of her feelings contained within. It seemed to me that quite possibly she was afraid to tell people of what had

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